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  • Data visualization

    Data visualization

    Flo Apps Ltd and its partners offer cutting-edge knowledge in interactive data visualizations and information design. In total, our team has tens of years of experience in the field. Awards pay testimony to the level of our expertise.

  • Websites


    We are highly skilled professionals with a solid background both in the IT and humanities. Flo Apps uses modern web technologies to deliver high-quality sites that work both on mobile devices and larger screens.

Our people

  • Tapio

    Tapio Nurminen

    (CEO) holds an MA in History. Tapio has worked with HTML since 1998 and has been an entrepreneur since 2005.

  • Raine

    Raine Rimpilä

    is CTO at Flo Apps and holds a B.Sc. from the University of Helsinki. He worked at Nokia Research Center 2006–2007.

  • Timo

    Timo Ollikainen

    has worked in several media houses, holds an MSc (Econ) from HSE and is Sales Director at Flo Apps.

  • Virve

    Virve Angerman

    (CMO) has studied at HSE. She worked in marketing at before joining Flo Apps.

  • Hermanni

    Hermanni Piirainen

    studies at Metropolia UAS. He is specialized in front-end development.

  • Paul

    Paul Villavicencio

    moved to Finland in 2015 and works at Flo Apps as a Developer / Project Coordinator.

  • Tero

    Tero Juutilainen

    studies at University of Helsinki and works in customer support / project management at Flo Apps.

  • Tomas

    Tomas Sjöblom

    works as a Project Coordinator and is finishing his MA degree at University of Helsinki.


  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs

    Helsinki 2012

  • Open Data Challenge

    Brussels 2011

  • Apps For Development

    Washington DC 2011

  • INCA Awards

    Ghent 2010

  • Apps For Democracy Finland

    Tampere 2009


  • Visualizing in Valencia

    In November I had the opportunity to travel with Tapio Nurminen to Valencia, Spain as part of the CAP (Collaborative Analytics Platform) Review organized by ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement). We participated along with other partner institutions and presented a product demonstration we had developed for the project. For most of our stay in […]

  • HybridConf – or how to dodge the buzzword trap

    The third annual HybridConf, a web design and development event, was this time arranged in Dublin, Ireland. The two previous events have been held in Cardiff and Stockholm. The core elements of HybridConf are inspiration, motivation and collaboration, and that truly showed. HybridConf was really able to take advantage of its small size by providing […]


Tiedon visualisointi

Olemme johtava interaktiivisten tiedon visualisointien toteuttaja Suomessa. Meillä on alalta yhteensä kymmenien vuosien kokemus ja työmme on palkittu useilla palkinnoilla niin Suomessa kuin ulkomaillakin. Lue lisää


Olemme IT- ja kulttuurialan ammattilaisia. Toteutamme moderneilla teknologioilla korkealuokkaisia verkkopalveluita, jotka toimivat sekä mobiililaitteissa että suuremmilla näytöillä.